Our production

Trapezoidal belts with coverings

The trapezoidal belts have a huge stability all over the development at high performances thanks to the specific production technique which uses strands of polyester or Kevlar.

  • Standard section with development from 70" to 1260" (from 1.778 mm to 32.000 mm)
  • Conventional Section Z A B C D E
  • Tight section SPZ SPA SPB SPC
  • Regulated Tight section RMA/MPTA 3V 5V 8V


  • Rubber with standard regulation, from mm. 1.800 to mm. 32.000
  • Rubber with specific sections, from mm. 1.800 to mm. 32.000
  • Auto soldered polyurethane at standard section:
    These have a less overall stability if compared to the rubber belts but
    They have the advange of beeing way simpler to install soldering for the desired development
    Usually produced in 30 meters rolls

Rubber coverings:

  • Anti-abrasive rubber
  • Anti-heat rubber
  • Honeycomb (super grip)
  • Rubber with rhombus profile
  • Knurled Rubber

Other coverings on request.